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Superior Family Room

The Superior Family Rooms have 3 extra-large double beds or 4 single beds and 2 extra-large double beds for you to experience an extended amount of space for a more relaxed and tranquil family vacation.

Executive Suite

The Executive Suite is elegantly furnished with in-room technology that facilitates guests to unwind into a luxurious and cosy space. This suite features 1 extra-large double bed and a bathtub.

Deluxe Family Room

Our Deluxe family room offers 2 single beds and 1 extra-large double bed with a much luxurious and comfy space that can accommodate 4 guests, providing the perfect getaway for your family to unwind after an exhausting week.

Deluxe Superior Room

The Deluxe Superior room has 1 extra-large double bed with a much bigger, luxurious space and a great view, which brings relaxation to you after a long day.

Deluxe Twin Room

Deluxe twin rooms have 2 single beds with sleek and warm interior, providing guests the perfect space to relax.


Deluxe Double Room

Our Deluxe Double Rooms have 1 extra-large double bed with big windows to help you take a broad view of the cityscape and nature, which brings relaxation to you after a long day.


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*Day-room Package (with Lunch) - LKR 17,000 nett
*Day-room Package (room-only) - LKR 15,000 nett

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